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Luminous benefits at low electric absorption

Over the past 10 years, our Company has greatly increased the level of technology of our products to meet the growing needs of our main customers in Italy and abroad, in the sector of rolling stock and that of buses in urban and suburban areas.

The needs associated with LED display systems are for increased strength and reliability but also mainly for greater performance in terms of brightness and contrast; reduced power consumption; self-diagnostics; and complete interfacing with Ethernet networks and Wi-Fi and UMTS communication systems, among others, on board and on the ground.

advanced technological platforms for every need

For the latter sector we have created a high performance solar-powered board, which is often used for suburban AVM networks as it is fully autonomous. We use new state-of-the-art platforms with 64bit micro-controllers for our range of video surveillance systems.

We offer 3 lines of video surveillance products with autonomous recording: analogue, digital and hybrid. Our on-board video surveillance and control systems and rear view CCTV and door control systems can be combined with a high-efficiency digital passenger counter, and can all communicate over Ethernet, Wi-Fi, GPS and UMTS networks and with all other data exchange and diagnostics systems.