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Thanks to its many years' experience in the field of high-precision mechanics, AMELI has developed electronics of the highest standard of technical efficiency and quality. The company uses the most modern production technologies and systems available worldwide to attain a level of excellence that is appreciated by even the most exacting of customers.

Integrated excellence systems

The state-of-the-art production equipment, from CAD-CAM machining centres to assembly machines that can work at extremely high speeds, ensures levels of production and quality that are unmatched in the sector. It is for this reason that our products have been installed as part of over 150 integrated information systems and in more than 15 countries.

Present in over

15 nations

Our products are intended for complex public information systems both on board and on the ground, for all the most modern public transport vehicles.

Many new technologies are also used to increase quality and redundancy, like the video surveillance system that meets transport requirements and a complete range of information boards for integrated graphical and public information systems.

Higher specifications now have to be met, as optical and audible public information systems are becoming ever more complex and essential and operators are having to manage increasingly extensive networks.

The success of AMELI can be attributed to its constant drive to offer quality and economy.

technical and commercial expansion in the world

Over the past 60 years, care, attention to quality and high efficiency have brought our company to be a market leader in Italy.  However, this field has changed considerably in recent times from a technological point of view.

on the cutting edge with our international partners

This evolution and the choices our company made, as well as the considerable support and involvement of our customers and technical-commercial partners from every corner of the globe, have enabled the company to remain at the forefront world-wide.

products designed for every need

Close collaboration has also allowed us to adapt our products to the many technical and cultural needs that we have been faced. On-board communication systems have become increasingly complex and functional; and our products, which have to form an important and integral part of this equipment, have represented an answer to all kinds of challenges faced over time, in countries from California to Lithuania and Singapore to Buenos Aires, and can be implemented easily by our local installers. This technical and commercial policy has ensured satisfaction and excellent results in all markets, meeting all the needs of customers in full.