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ameli srl


Expanding technologies

Located in Florence, in the heart of a region at the top of fine culture, in a city which was the cradle of the Renaissance and is currently a hot bed of high technology, AMELI has become over the years an international leader in a sector of particular innovation.

High quality production

A skilful, efficient and tenacious team works to ensure production of exceptional quality always at the service of its customers. The design and development of even the most complex of projects are carried out promptly in-house or with international partners.


Ameli is part of Lumiplan Group. Lumiplan is a leading group in the field of dynamic communication solutions aimed at improving transport services for citizens, tourists and travelers. Actor in the infotainment market, Lumiplan designs and creates innovative solutions that enhance the territories, improve communication in transport services, in cities and in mountain areas. Born in 1972, Lumiplan Group is constantly growing: with more than 4000 customers and present in more than 20 countries worldwide. The group employs more than 200 collaborators between France and several other countries.

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A long story

70 years

AMELI has been operating since 1949 in the field of information display devices for public transport road and rail vehicles.

Technological evolution

In 1972, the company first specialised in mainly mechanical and graphical flap displays. It later went on to produce dot-matrix electronic displays, in line with the technological evolution of all the main global markets of the sector.

Up with the times

These new applications were to include LED and LCD displays for both indoor and outdoor use. AMELI and its personnel are always up-to-date and apply cutting-edge technologies with the utmost care and attention to provide a product that is in keeping up with the times and of the very best quality, in order to meet the disparate needs of a global customer base.

Design and development in quick times

The design and development of even the most complex of projects are carried out promptly and in-house.

High quality standards

AMELI is UNI ISO 9001:2008 certified by the CSQ with registration no. IT-65309 and, since 1949, has made a point of channelling all possible human and financial resources into attaining the highest level of quality in terms of both design and production. Production is entirely carried out in accordance with all the required standards, such as those concerning electromagnetic compatibility and stricter railway standards like EN-UNI 50155. The software and firmware programs are also developed in compliance with strict rules and to a superior standard, to meet our customers' highest expectations.

ameli srl azienda evoluzione


ameli srl azienda tempi

Up with
the times

ameli srl azienda velocita

Design and development
in quick times

ameli srl azienda qualita

High quality