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ameli srl


certified high quality standards

AMELI is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified by CSQ with registration no. IT-65309, and can therefore guarantee the very best quality in terms of both design and production. Each stage of our work process is carried out in compliance with the laws in force in order to guarantee the utmost quality that our customers expect. The aforementioned document is not contractually binding and AMELI reserves the right to change any of the components at its own discretion.

a constant commitment with quality

We are certified:

ISO 14001
ISO 9001

The objective achieved further enhances our management system and represents a commitment to the market to maintain compliance with the requirements of the reference standards.

standard ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 standard (translated into Italian in UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015) is not mandatory, but is the result of the voluntary choice of the company/organization that decides to establish/implement/maintain/improve its own environmental management system. The ISO 14001 certification does not attest to a particular environmental performance, nor does it demonstrate a particularly low impact, but rather demonstrates that the certified organization has an adequate management system to keep the environmental impacts of its activities under control, and researches them systematically improving in a coherent, effective and above all sustainable way.

IATF 16949

The ISO/TS 16949 is a specific quality standard defined by the ISO and related to the application of the most general ISO 9000 in the Automotive sector, wanted and supported by car manufacturers. It contains within it the ISO 9001, with the addition of further and more stringent objectives to be achieved to obtain the certification, including: more client-centric vision, emphasis on continuous improvement, need to ensure control also over the processes entrusted to the external.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the reference standard for those who want to submit their production process to quality control cyclically, starting from the definition of the requirements, expressed or not, of the customers and coming up to the monitoring of the entire production process.The customer and his satisfaction are at the heart of ISO 9001; every activity, application and monitoring of the activities/processes is in fact aimed at determining the maximum satisfaction of the end user. The phases of application of the standard start from the definition of the procedures and registrations for each single process or macro process identified within the company organization.